KLVT Classifieds for Monday, August 12th, 2019


Picking up old appliances, scrap metal, and old cars for free. 441-9114 or 544-4407.


Reloading items.  894-6581

2004 Mini Cooper with new tires and new windshield, brand new Bridgestone 235 x 45 x R18 tire, a Mustang clip including spoiler and several parts for Dodge Neon.  894-9317

Three bedroom, 2 bath home in Whiteface.  891-8372

Electric stove.  620-1347 or go by 510 9th Street Apt. B.

Coleman cooking stove, small kitchen table with 4 chairs and a water ski.   598-0750 or go by 1822 9th Street.

Female Jack Russell Terrior.  544-5634

Sony 6 Disc CD changer, a 24 x 36 Minecraft poster and a camera tripod.  891-5082

Washer and dryer and three old sewing machines.  200-0856

2013 Harley Davidson Swithchback motorcycle with 3,950 miles, red in color, lots of extras.  891-5752


Someone to help prepare for a garage sale.  891-6801

Someone to do yardwork.  894-3600

Stereo for 1993 GMC.  891-7705

Native pasture, or expired CRP Grass to lease for cattle grazing in the Hockley, or Lamb County Areas. Water and Electricity a Must.  787-5955


Getting into trouble is like rolling down hill and getting out of trouble is like climbing a tree.

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